4LZ-5.0 Combine Harvester
5.0kg/s Feeding Capacity
Rubber Crawler Self-propelled
Full Feeding Type
Structure Type:Vertical Axis Flow
Main Parameter:
Item Unit Specification
Model   / 4LZ-5.0
Sturcture Type    / Full Feeding Rubber Crawler Self-propelled
Engine Brand/Model / QUANCHAI 4C6-100M22 / XINCHAI 4D35ZT32/1004
Type / 4 Stroke
Rated Power KW 73
Rotating Speed r/min 2400
Dimension:Length*Width*Height mm 5118*2549*2990
Weight   kg 3420
Cutting Platofrm Width   mm 2140
Feeding Capacity   kg/s 5
Minimum Ground Clearance   mm 384
Theoretical Operation Speed   km/h 2 to 4
Productivity   hm2/h 0.27  to 0.54
Fuel Consumption   kg/hm2 28
Cutter Type   / V Type/ Reciprocating
Type of Cutting Header Auger / Helical blade+Eccentric telescopic rod
Reel Type / Eccentric Tooth(off center)
Diameter mm 944
Quantity pc 5
Threshing Roller Quantity pc 1
Type / Vertical axis flow spike tooth
External Diameter*Length mm 626*2000
Concave Sieve Type   / Grid
Fan Type / centrifugal
Diameter mm 395
Quantity pc 1
Rubber Crawler Size / 500mm*90mm*54
Track gauge mm 1250
Minimum radius of steering Right mm 3440
Left turn mm 3120
Gear Box Type turn / (forward,backward)hydraulic stepless
speed change* 3 Range Shifts
Brake Type   / Wet friction Plate
Rethresher type   / Blade Rotation
Grain Unloading Type   / Mechanically/Manually
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