4LZ-4.0Z Combine Harvester
4.0kg/s Feeding Capacity
Rubber Crawler Self-propelled
Full Feeding Type
Structure Type:Vertical Axis Flow

Main Parameter
No. Item Unit Specification
Weight KG 3000
Feeding Capacity  kg/s 4.0
Dimension Length mm) 5100
Width mm) 2600
Height mm) 2450
Engine Model / 498BT/BZT/L,4C6-88M22
Rated Power kw/hp 68/88,55/75(Alternative)
Engine type / Water cooled,4-Cylinder,DI-Injection
Vertical Diesel,Turbocharged Engine
Rated Rotating Speed (r/min) 2400
Full Tank Capactiy L 70
Driving system  Rubber Track (mm) 400(450/500)*90*48
Gearshift Type / Hydraulic+HST(3F,3R)
Type of Brake / By foot 
 Steering (mm) Clutch and Brake
Min grounded
(mm) 280
Cutting Header
Pickup Reel Type  Eccentric tooth (Off-centre)
Diameter(mm) 900
Nos 5
Type of Header Auger / Telescopic Screw Conveying
Type of Blade  / V Type/ Left and Right 
 Height Adjustment / Hydaulics
Cutting Bar Length  (mm) 2000
Thresher Threshing Type / Spike Tooth Axial flow
 Threshing Cylinder Size Diameter*Length(mm) 620*1700
Reshresher / Blade Rotation
Concave sieve / Grid*4
Vibrating sieve / Adjustable Sieve/Meshing
Sieve/Hole Seive(Optional)
Fan  Type  Swirl
Diameter(mm) 405
Nos 4
Grain Storing  Option 1 Big Grain Tank with Unloading Auger,Capacity(L):1500
Option 2 Small Tank Manual Operation
 Harvester  Capacity (hm2/h) 0.4-0.75

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